Keverynn. A world of three moons that human beings share with several other intelligent races: feline Chume’taly, winged Ryuutenshi, forest dwelling Wolflings, noble dragons, and devious wyvern. The balance of power on Keverynn’s largest landmass is in a constant state of flux as the Dragonlords and the Darkriders struggle for supremacy. In ages past these two forces were held in check by an ancient guild of powerful magic users. When this guild was destroyed, there was nothing to prevent the two factions from falling into an all out war.

On the eve of yet another major conflict, two ships crash land on Keverynn's surface, each carrying five passengers. The ships crash in different parts of the world and each one is unaware that the other survived. The first ship, known as the Shrike, allies with the Ryuutenshi Tower Masters in hopes of being rescued. The second ship, known as the Eclipse, allies with the Darkriders, discovering that they fit in with their philosophies.

Leading the group allied with the Ryuutenshi is Drianna Snarevine, captain of the Shrike and a senior Agent with the Fugitive Recovery Taskforce. With her are her regular shipmates Jiyandi Littlereed and Kamien Strongshore. Aiding them in their journey is fellow Agent Ashrinn Chimekin and a former fugitive named Kenian Deepwood. Shortly after arrival, they encounter the peace-loving winged Ryuutenshi people. To aid in the war, each warrior is sent to a different province to do what they can. In one such city, Adrienne encounters an ancient weapon that leads her to information regarding the lost guild and how to bring it back from destruction. This information will lead her to the one who will refound the guild and those who will become its new members.

The group allied with the Darkriders is lead by Asharos Sigilkeeper, the charismatic renegade high priest. His inner circle, consisting of Mikia Faithwind, Yakima Sunfire, Ophalia Truesonne, and Aenek Deepwood, are accepted into the ranks of the Darkrider army as Sorcerers. Each one is assigned to a branch of the army to aid in their planned conquest of Keverynn.

‘Path of the Warrior’ is an original novel by Melissa Stone and is the first in a trilogy of stories that will continue in ‘Path of the Sorceress’ and conclude with ‘Path of the Master’.

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Books in this series:

Book 03 - Path of the Master