Keverynn Climates and Terrain

Ryuutenshi Valley: warm year round
Elvenwood: warm year round
Vileshte Island: warm year round, humid summers
Hash-Beneir: warm year round, humid summers
Kimbala: warm year round
Chume’taly forest: harsh winters, cool to warm summers
Nomads: Cold winters for the most part (milder ones in Horyin) with mild to warm summers
Arrack-Ley: dry, cool winters, mild to warm summers
Ana-Lashan: humid
Tuarel: humid

Ryuutenshi Valley: plains, grassy
Elvenwood: forest
Vileshte Island: valley, farmable land
Hash-Beneir: river side, sandy ground
Kimbala: swampy, marshland
Chume’taly forest: forest
Horyin: woodland, some plains
Sutar: ocean, marshy
Tir’ri: grasslands
Tchupak: tundra
Auran: sandy
Arrack-Ley: cliffs, caves, poor farmland
Ana-Lashan: lakes, hot springs
Tuarel: humid

Culture and leadership
Ryuutenshi Valley: monarchy (queen), Five Warriors
Elvenwood: rule of elders
Vileshte Island: GrandMaster
Chume’taly: clan structure, eldest child succeeds leader
Human: largely follow rule of the Dragonlords
Tir’ri: patriarchy
Horyin: matriarchy
Sutar: matriarchy
Auran: strict Caste system
Tchupack: eldest child
Dragons: democratic, favoring age
Wyndchilds: herd, oldest stallion
Wyvern: matriarchy

There is no real religion on Keverynn at present, though in ages long past there had been. Remnants of the old Ways persist to present day. Examples of such are:
Moon names
Place names
Constellation and star names
Myths, fae stories
Sun name
Planet name
Extinct species (such as the Vaen)
Use of the names of the Old Ones as contemporary names