Keverynn Currency

All coins come from Arrack-Ley and stamped according to where its going. The coins that are universally accepted on the main land are:

Crown (gold)
Half crown (gold cut with silver center)
Scepter (silver)
Sickle (Steel)

Most of the  less common coins are region specific and can only be used there or in Kimbala, as Kimbala is a trade city and they can usually exchange it for a more common coinage. On occasion, the less common ones can be spent in Arrack-Ley as they are minted there, but times when this is accepted are few.

Double crown (electrum)
Triple crown (platinum)
Lord’s Head (silvery blue with copper center)
Lady’s Head (silvery blue with bronze center)
Scythe (bronze)
Eagle (copper)
Double eagle( copper with a brass center)