Keverynn Expressions

‘A white heart’
            -innocent, pure person; gentle or naive person

‘If you do not enter the Naerwolve's cave, you will not catch its cub.’
            -nothing ventured, nothing gained

‘Like a bolt of lightning from a green dragon’
            -an impossibility; a surprise

‘Even Wolflings fall from trees’
            -everyone makes mistakes

‘Child of a blank is a blank’
            -like father like son

‘A swallow breeds a hawk’
            -an unusual child born from common parents

‘Giving crowns to a dragon’
            -giving a gift to someone who can’t/won’t/doesn’t appreciate it

‘Dumplings before flowers’
            -practicality over frivolous things

‘Let the water flow’
            -forgive and forget

’10 people, 10 colors’
            -to each their own

‘When in doubt, gallop/run’

‘Searching for dung in a wheat field’
            -a fool’s errand

‘Having the stomach of an Wolfling’
            -someone who will eat anything

‘Like a green dragon’s teeth’
            -saying that something is either hollow or resistant to damage.