Keverynn Flower Symbolism


Acacia: lasting friendship
Alastean bamboo: longevity
Alder: teaching, making choices
Aloe: healing, wisdom
Amaryllis: pride
Amaryllis: respect
Anemone: shyness
Apple blossom: hope of love
Apple wood: a choice must be made
Apricot branch: adoration
Ardrena Marigold: a vulgar mind
Ash: prosperity, binding
Aster, purple: daintiness
Aster: Elegance
Auhine lily: grief
Bamboo: strength, grace, and longevity
Begonias: beware
Birch: protection, new beginnings
Blue iris: scattered emotions
Buttercup: health
Carnation, green: refusal
Carnation, pink: love
Carnation, red: happiness
Carnation, white: disdain
Carnation, yellow: jealousy
Carnation: betrothal
Cherry blossom: feminine beauty
Chive blossom: good advice
Chrysanthemum:  nobility, fall, long life, “truth comes easily, lies require imagination”, and fidelity
Clover: fortune
Cornflower: the coming of new things
Dahlia: splendor
Daisy: innocence, purity in thought, and loyal love
Dogbane: keeps threats away
Elder blossom: coldness
Elder: banishing, end of a cycle
Elm leaf: secret love
Fal’denn Marigold: prediction
Fern: fascination
Forest rose: obscurity
Garlic: indifference
Grapevine: remain true
Grass: utility, stability
Hawthorne: binding, blindness
Hazelnut: innocent love
Heather, purple: admiration
Heather, white: wish granted
Holly: foresight
Holly: prophecy, energy
Hollyhock: home
Honeysuckle: proceed with caution
Iris, blue: scattered emotions
Iris: faith, wisdom, valor, hope, light, and power
Ivy: marriage, wedded love
Juniper: a ward against evil
Larkspur, pink: fickleness
Larkspur: wayward lover
Laurel leaf: victory
Lilac: youth
Lily, Auhine: grief
Lily, valley: humility
Lily, water: eloquence and purity of heart
Lily, white: motherhood
Lotus: self-indulgent
Marigold, Ardrena: a vulgar mind
Marigold, Fal’denn: prediction
Marigold, Sutar: jealousy
Marigold: pain, cruelty
Meadow saffron: pure emotion
Moss: obstinacy
Oak leaf: boyhood
Oak: fidelity, security, strength
Onion: repulsion
Orange blossom: virgin
Pansy: thoughtfulness
Peppermint: calm
Petunia: resentment
Poppy, red: death
Poppy, scarlet: extravagance
Poppy, Tir’ri: silence
Poppy, white: dreaminess
Poppy: eternal sleep
Reed: family concerns
Rose, coral: secrets
Rose, dark pink: appreciation
Rose, forest: obscurity
Rose, lavender: purity
Rose, light pink: sympathy
Rose, orange: enthusiasm
Rose, red petal: yes
Rose, red: passion, passionate love and respect, beauty of youth, a heart innocent of love, and desire
Rose, red-yellow: joviality
Rose, white petal: no
Rose, white: submission
Rose, yellow: friendship
Rosebud without thorns: certainty
Rosebud, with thorns: doubts
Rowan: healing, protection
Silver Fur: learning from past mistakes, choices
Snapdragon: desperation
Snowdrop: purity
Sunflower: devotion
Sutar Marigold: jealousy
Sweat pea: departure
Thistle: danger
Tiger lily: playfulness
Tir’rian poppy: silence
Tulip: imagination
Vine leaves: high spirits
Violet: modesty
Water lily: eloquence
Weeping Willow: memory
White poplar: doubts, fears
Willow: fertility, balance
Wisteria: poetry
Yarrow: unaware
Zinnia: warning