Keverynn's Languages

            Each race has its own unique language but they all share some commonalities. The Ryuutenshi dialect is quite similar to Earth English. It has a lot in common with the human language of Keverynn. The similarities are largely in the written part of the language and can be compared to the similarities between Chinese and Japanese. The pronunciations are drastically different while the sentence structures remain quite similar depending on how formally you’re speaking.

            The Chume’taly have no native written form of their language. When they need to write something down, they use the alphabet used by the Elves. The spoken language is essentially cat speech. They are capable of learning any language on Keverynn, but any language they speak comes out sounding slightly garbled.

            Wolflings have one language with two distinctive dialects. Those from the Elnnwood speak one dialect and those from elsewhere on Keverynn speak another.

            The human language has a wide range of dialects that vary from city to city.

            Dragons, Wyvern, and Wyndchilds understand all languages and can make themselves understood to all. Such is their nature. They also have their own languages which they do not share outside of their own species. Each color of dragon and wyvern has their own distinct dialect.

General Vocabulary
Chume'taly Language
Ryuutenshi Language
Wolfling Language
Nomad Language