Cast of Characters



Adele Darkmoon – High Commander of the Darkriders, rider of black High Matriarch Deathsong

Aenek Deepwood – Kenian’s twin brother; Blue Sorcerer, rider of blue female Cloudwing

Aesceliel clan M’peln – female white panther Chume’taly; one of the three guardians of the Sisterhood. Fardaughter of Lepshut clan M’peln

Aialareinn – Wolfling woman living in the Elnnwood; can assume the shape of a yahal

Alaneshya – warrior with the black army, stationed in Sutar

Aldarihanya – Lilythayel’s mother, previous Queen of the Ryuutenshi people. She is also the mother of Tilaymor.

Allurelann – Ryuutenshi; Chosen of gold Zsyrnn. Kenian’s second in command

Alory Dentry – Ancient; Council member, Warrior Path Fire Master

Andalarenn – gold dragon, mount to Kleo

Angel (Ahng ell)– short form of Anghiel

Angetenn – Ancient; Council member, Sorceress Singer

Anghiel (Ahnghiiel) – Master of the Obsidian Tower

Angirenn Fallshadenn – the most senior of the Sisters who settled in Jeturas Hold; created a magical room to hold important books in.

Antarith Shalenn – human General at Ana-Lashann

Antruya clan Y’naraln – Rishna’s sire

Anturamiyann – grandnephew of Anghiel, mate to Deiwynn, Chosen of silver Taljeir

Anya – blue dragonrider at Kimbala; senior wingleader

Aranthia – Zarin’s mate, deceased

Arenshiel – Master of the Gold Tower

Asharos Sigilkeeper – Black Sorcerer and High Priest of Atraxia; rider of black female Stormwing.

Ashrinn Chimekin – Warrior assigned to Chume’vera

Astra – male pittin at the Emerald Tower

Athuriv – Ryuutenshi General at Ana-Lashann

Atul Telenn – Ancient; Council member, Warrior Path Air Master. Her name means ‘blind’ as she is mostly blind.

Autumn – Master of the Pearl Tower

Aya Kalethrenn – Ancient Grandmaster


Batruss Kaloristannoriginally from Sutar; one of Darkmoon’s seconds, rider of white Iceshard

Bilayna Kethnavi – The Grandmaster who was responsible for splitting the dragons and wyvern to either side of the continent in the year 661.

Blightgale – white wyvern, mount to Dal’jor Trisath

Bnern clan S’rethran – Chume’taly spy, deceased

Bodalan Maisling – Mayor of Jeturas Hold, descendant of Jeturas Maisling


Cabral – Captain, rider of black Stingtail

Cerenn – Master of Horse at Chume’vera

Cerenn – Wolfling; Master of Horse at Chume’vera
Chiri – short form of Chiritelarenn; nephew of Queen Lily of the Ryuutenshi

Chaldrenn – senior gold rider at Tuarel

Churienn – senior gold rider at Tuarel

Cloudwhisper – Wyndchild, mount to Adrienne, bound for Ana-Lashann

Cloudwing – a low ranking blue wyvern, mount to Aenek

ColdFyre – white High Matriarch, mount to Mikia

Coldsleep – white wyvern stationed in Sutar

Crylln – senior rider at Tuarel


Dal’jor Trisath – General of the white armies, second under Batruss. Rider of Blightgale

Deiwynn eir Valaha – Silver Dragonlord, Chosen of Liyr

Deschara clan M’peln – Ancient; Council member, Master Fyredancer

Dilthey clan B’nyern – Chume’taly from Jeturas Hold

Drala’jira – a wolfling captain in the Darkrider armies, rider of black Nightweaver; next in line to command the black armies

Drianna Snarevine – Captain of the Shrike; Warrior assigned to Ana-Lashann

Dyanthera – second in command at Arrack-Ley, chosen of white Tuthrenn


Eirenn Talvidrenn – Captain in the blue armies, rider of Thunderstrike.

Ellaria – Aya’s childhood friend; she smuggled the Estarra blade off the island after it was forged.

Ellischel – Naerwolf female, called Rain; one of the three guardians of the Sisterhood. Fardaughter of Nighthowl.

Elordana tar Mat’shen – Vaen scholar from the days just before the Great Plague. She was a priestess.

Eolym – Captain, chosen by gold Largit

Estarra fet Ijalhet – Ancient; heir to Grandmaster Aya, Master Forestmaster


Faldoshiramenn – Wolfling female at Jeturas Hold

Fanch – guard at Hash-Beneir, blue army

Fanch – guard at Hash-Beneir, blue army

Firehawk – Lithayann’s second in command at Tuarel, Chosen of gold Tashiir

Flametail – Wyndchild, mount to Kenian, bound for Tuarel

Fretann – Wolfling captain of the Archer squad at Ana-Lashann

Frostglare – white wyvern stationed in Sutar

Futsu – Chume’taly kit

Geiall – wolfling from the Elnnwood

Genall – gold dragonrider holding the rank of Captain; responsible for issuing orders to field commanders in Gira’loyis Province

Genturas Pecklann – commander of the Lancer brigade at Ana-Lashan

Goldmoon – Wyndchild, mount to Jiyandi bound for Arrack-Ley

Gyl – guard at Hash-Beneir, blue army


Hana – shortened form of Hanalurenn

Hanalurenn – Master of the Emerald Tower

Harlenn Kridatch – General at Hash-Beneir, blue wyvern army

Hayarinn – see Rialsirsha

Helornn – gold dragon at Tuarel

Heneth – Wolfling; command second to Eirenn, rider of blue Stormheart

Hinsho clan Z’patchn – Chume’taly male at Jeturas Hold


Ikshar – Chume’taly; Captain, rider of white WarFrost

Ilanchenn – a Wolfling Hunter

Irakann Wyvernsbane – see also Adrienne Fiorenza; meaning – Darksword, Bane of Wyvern


J’tyon clan Y’naraln – Rishna’s dam

Jadeenn – Captain of the Archers at Tuarel. A Wolfling.

Jaffa – female pittin at the Emerald Tower

Jakkar Lotreyenn – rider of green High Matriarch Swordfang

Jalatney – a pittin Wihr attached to Mashandra Florestan

Jamekel Lotreyenn – Blue Dragonlord, Chosen of Zarinn

Jarheann Tolim – Darkrider cavalry captain with the green army

Jarula – senior gold rider at Tuarel

Jatiil – a Wolfling hunter

Jiktrtlann – Wolfling male; a senior rider at Arrack-Ley, Chosen of Yalchonn

Jiyandi Littlereed – Swimmer, pilot of the Shrike; Warrior assigned to Arrack-Ley.

Jolaer – Auranian fox, K’sei’s pet

Jorenn Andalar – Commander in the green army, in charge of the attack on Jan’taleynn


K’sei – Tal’jeeran of Aurann, sword sister of Keshinyu

Kaalathkirenn – former Master of the Obsidian Tower, author of the prophecy of the Final Battle

Kaegrinn – gold dragon, chosen of Aiken

Kaersivel – Wyndchild mare; one of the three guardians of the Sisterhood. Fardaughter of Rainfall

Kai Lisaretann – Ancient; Council member, Warrior Path Water Master. She is half human, half Wolfling (on her mother’s side). Her father was a cloth merchant from Kyris.

Kaljihar – male blue dragon assigned to Angel and Ashrinn

Kamien Strongshore – pilot of the Shrike; Warrior assigned to Kimbala and Hash-Beneir

Kanai – aid to Rialsirsha

Kar’anya – a Nomad author

Karluth – Healer at Tuarel

Kauphrenn – Master of the Obsidian Tower, Anghiel’s predecessor

Kenian Deepwood – Warrior assigned to Tuarel

Keshinyu – Tal’jeeran of Tir’ri and sword brother to K’sei

Keveriss Aldaristann – Sutaran warrior

Khallil (kah LEEL)– called the Great, rider of five wyvern, destroyer of the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery during the First Darkrider Incursion. His wyvern were blue Skyhammer, black Warshriek, green Slowdeath, white Frostbite (his mount during the Incursion), and red Flashfire.

Kidarina Floristann – Sharlan of the Sutaran Nomads (Sharlan = equivalent to a priest, leads important ceremonies)

Kiyann – Head of Domestic Management at Chume’vera

Kleo – senior rider at Arrack-Ley; Chosen of Andalarenn

Kolashti – a Wolfling elder

Kori – Tal’jeeran of Tchupak

Kretch clan H’let – Chume’taly spy

Kylanis – Deiwynn’s second, Chosen of silver Grayth


Laeinn – Ancient; Bondmate to Terlynn

Lanrec – head cook at Hash-Beneir

Lanye clan T’ketchn – Chume’taly kit, nephew of Yukiyl

Laphtu clan Q’xer – Ancient; Archer on the Sorceress Path, Chosen of green Summa, later Green Dragonlord

Laron clan Q’yxer – Chume’taly spy

Lashi – twin of Leta, son of Tchunn, at Hash-Beneir

Leta – twin of Lashi, daughter of Tchunn, Hash-Beneir

Lily – short for Lilythayel

Lilythayel – Queen of the Ryuutenshi, Master of the Silver Tower

Lithayann Morrinwei – Gold Dragonlord, Chosen of Monra

Lito – Ancient; Council member, Sorceress Firemaster. She is terrified of water. Wolfling; her animal form is that of a red wolf, which is very rare.

Longsight – green wyvern, mount of Turenn

Lysinth – 15th Grandmaster


Markeshu – Ancient; Starblade. She was married to a man from Sutar, though they chose to keep the exact nature of their relationship a secret.

Mashandra Floristann – Ayne, or ambassador, of the Sutaran people. She has a pittin Wihr named Jalatney

Merunn – guard at Chume’vera

Mikia Faithwind – White Sorcerer, rider of White High Matriarch ColdFyre

Mnensha – scout, Chosen of green Lapsha


Nishael – master of the Moonstone Tower

Njarlenn – senior rider at Arrack-Ley; Chosen of Laphata

Nyanlu clan M’trawn – Ancient; sister to Tcshera clan M’trawn and Chosen of green Rethpar


Ophalia Truesonne – Green Sorceress, rider of green female Silenthunter

Orazhela – an old woman from Hash-Beneir recruited into the Sisterhood

Palarjenn – Wolfling male; patrol rider at Arrack-Ley captured by the green Darkrider army. His dragon was killed and eaten by wyvern; Chosen of Quoerll

Paratenn – Ancient; Council member, Master Wolfrider, bonded to Rain

Polet Grelann – Captain at Ana-Lashann and General Shalenn’s second in command


Quicksilver – White Dragonlord, Chosen of Okari

Quishann – largest living green dragon, at Chume’vera

Quoretib – Wolfling male; patrol rider at Arrack-Ley captured by the green Darkrider army. His dragon was killed and eaten by wyvern


Rain – Ancient; bonded to Paraten

Rania – 12 year old human student of the Sisterhood from Jeltray. Younger sister of Trowann.

Rialsirsha – Tal’jeerann of Horyinn

Rishna clan Y’naraln – called Dawneyes Green Dragonlord, Chosen of Tithre

Rolash clan M’peln – Ancient sister; leader of a Quartet


Sahlaia – a woman Jakkar was involved with, green wyvern rider

Sarogreen dragonrider at Chume’vera

Secretheart – Wyndchild, mount to Ashrinn, bound for Chume’vera

Sethrinn – soldier in the white Wyvern army

Sh’thern clan M’peln – spy-infiltrator at Hash-Beneir

Shadowdancer – Wyndchild, mount of Kamien, bound for Kimbala

Shayna clan S’rethran – master spy

Shelira – a Kil’varr jenye at Arrack-Ley

Shiboku Chume’taly kit

Shisharonn – blue dragon, Ashrinn’s mount while she searches for potential students

Shktanye – green dragon, mount to Yanoltelan during the battle of Hash-Beneir

Shrillhaze – one of the wyvern who initially challenged to have Aenek as her rider

Shtraidenn vret Keshmanyu – a general with the green wyvern army, responsible for the failed attack on Arrack-Ley; rider of green Stillseeker

Shumka – scout, Chosen of green Basho

Shumma – green dragon, chosen to Laphtu

Silvermoon – Ancient; friend to Estarra

Solarann – Master of the Topaz Tower

Spring – Master of the Jade Tower

Stingtail – black wyvern, mount of Cabral

Stormheart – blue wyvern, mount of Heneth

Stormwing – black wyvern, mount to Asharos, daughter of High Matriarch Deathsong

Summer – Master of the Marble Tower

Surann Bloodstone – Adele Darkmoon’s cousin and second in command, rider of red High Matriarch Desertwynd

Swordfang – green High Matriarch, mount to Jakkar


T’nethrann – Darkrider general, rider of blue High Matriarch Skyshriek

Tailee Kendrathro – Ancient member of the Sisterhood. She was a Skymaster as well as a historian. She was away from the island at the time of the attack. She did a lot of teaching in her time with the Sisterhood.

Taisherann – a Wolfling author who lived at the time of the Founding of the original Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery. She is attributed with the alternate meaning of Chrysanthemums (“truth comes easily, lies require imagination”)

Talia – a servant at the Silver Tower in Throne City

Tanenn ki Medrenn – human General at Ana-Lashann

Tchshera clan M’trawn – Ancient; Council member, Warrior Path Earth Master

Tchunn – overlord of Hash-Beneir, father of Lashi and Leta

Tearsong – Ancient; Council member, Master Singer

Teprias – Silver Dragonlord, predecessor to Deiwynn, died in 2109

Terlynn – Ryuutenshi female; Ancient member of the Sisterhood; bonded to Laien. She had been three months pregnant with her first child before the attack

Terlynn – Sutaran warrior

Tiarenn – Field Commander, Chosen of gold Valerid

Tilu – Chume’taly kit

Tiriann vret Keshmanyu – Lithayan’s predecessor, Chosen of gold Faldior

Trowann – 17 year old student from Jeltray. Rania’s elder brother.

Tryl – guard at Hash-Beneir, blue army

Tural – silver dragon, mount to Drianna in the Battle of Ana-Lashann

Turenn – A wolfling living in the Elnnwood settlement. Not to be confused with the Darkrider of the same name.

Turenn – Captain, rider of green Longsight

Turenn – Captain, rider of green Longsight

Tyi – white dragon

Tylee – silver dragon, mount to Adrienne on her journey to Chume’vera


Uebar – rider of black Blastwind, stationed in Sutar

Ukenthy – Ancient; Council member, Master Wyndrider

Ulan – scout, Chosen of green Tusha

Ulena – senior rider at Arrack-Ley; Chosen of Lesharrl

Ulena – senior rider at Arrack-Ley; Chosen of Lesharrl


WarFrost – white wyvern, mount of Ikshar

WarPath – red wyvern, mount of Yasho

Winter – Master of the Amethyst Tower

Xillar Hrilgenn – Ryuutenshi captain in charge of the black army in Me’chu’sholann Province


Xillkorenath – Winter’s lover at the Amethyst Tower

Xithann – Wolfling woman, sentry at Chume’vera, chosen of green Kiilirnn

Xykarinlei – a woman at the Moonstone Tower

Xykarinlei – a woman at the Moonstone Tower


Yakima Sunfire – Red Sorcerer, rider of red female Brightfyre

Yanoltelann – Tal’jeerann of Sutar

Yasho – Captain, rider of red WarPath

Yianya Tuthren – Ancient; Council member, Sorceress Skymaster. Loved the same man as her sister, but didn’t know it. This man was secretly married to Markeshu.

Yukiyl clan T’ketchn – Chume’taly spy


Zar clan T’kern – spy

Zatanye – Leopardess Chume’taly; a member of the Jan’taleynn council.

Zianye Tuthrenn – Ancient; Council member, Sorceress Skymaster. Loved the same man as her sister, but didn’t know it. The man was secretly married to Markeshu.

Zogret – senior rider at Arrack-Ley; Chosen of Tekrin

Zsyrnn – gold dragon